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The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon--and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver Quartet)

The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon—and me, Ruby Oliver  - E. Lockhart E. Lockhart's forthcoming The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon--and me, Ruby Oliver is a strong follow-up to The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book. As with the others, if you can't tolerate a certain level of obsession over boys, boys, boys, and what their actions might possibly mean, this is not the book for you. The secret of Lockhart's success is to make the story more about Ruby's struggle for acceptance at school (and some kind of mental clarity about her relationships) than it is about getting a boyfriend. As usual, the supporting characters are well drawn and some of the observations about girl-friendships are spot on: "And why was it that I had to lie to my friend in order to do the right thing by her? In order to be a good person, I had to pretend I didn't feel the way I felt. Was that what good people did? Denied their feelings and acted fake?" In this installment, Ruby struggles with her feelings for Noel (who is off limits because Nora said she liked him first), her ex-boyfriend Jackson (who recently broke up with Kim, Ruby's ex-best-friend), and a rotating cast of other boys who have mysterious motivations. As usual, both comedy and tragedy ensue, including her attempts at creating the aforementioned Treasure Map. In the end, Ruby learns to accept that people are imperfect, that the picture you have of an ideal life at one time might not necessarily be what you are happy to end up with, and that she can try to make new friends instead of feeling completely isolated. What I didn't like as much: sometimes Ruby's vocabulary feels a little forced, and the footnotes that were awesomely entertaining in the first book and fun in the second are just kind of there in the third. I am hoping for a return to awesome in the fourth and final volume! All in all, a fast and enjoyable read.