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Lack of Editing is Scary Indeed

Lego Monster Fighters: Watch Out, Monsters About! - Simon Beecroft

This is a level 3 (kids supposed to be reading on their own) Lego book that I picked up at the library because Little G is addicted to Legos and also monsters. However, I am going to have to surreptitiously return it before we can read it again, because there was clearly very little editorial oversight before it was released into the world. I realize that Lego/DK are pretty much printing money with these books, but they could at least keep a character's name consistent throughout the book, yes? When he was introduced, one of the characters was "Jack," but then later was "Hank" (or something similar). 


Not to mention the fact that the sole named female character (who, to be fair, seems like a kick-ass monster hunter in her own right) fluctuates between being called "Ann" and "Anne," sometimes on the same page. The other two female characters are "Zombie Bride" and "Vampire Bride," respectively. But it's not unusual for these Lego books to be incredibly male-heavy. Something like this had the potential to be cool and interesting for kids, but when the writers include words like "scrap" (as in "fight") in the text but then don't also include that word in the glossary . . . I don't think this was produced by anyone with an eye to the kid who might actually be learning to read.