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The Game of Kings  - Dorothy Dunnett I'm finding it difficult to form words for how much I loved every awesome, intrigue-laden, sometimes impenetrable inch of this book. It's fitting that it was the 100th book I finished this year. It made me exclaim aloud. It made me cry multiple times. Even though I know there are five other books about Francis Crawford, I was on pins and needles to the end. And most of all, I got great satisfaction out of knowing that it was one of my mother's favorites, as well--even though I can't discuss it with her, I can have the same enjoyment. Recommended for fans of historical fiction, court intrigue (*Game of Thrones* with much more likable women and no magic), and flawed anti-heroes. Those put off by Lymond's incessant quotations, many of which are not in English, should seek out *The Dorothy Dunnett Companion*