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The Marriage Plot - Jeffrey Eugenides The parts of this book that I liked best--references to literary theory--were sadly minor as Eugenides focused the action away from the intellectual challenges of college and toward post-graduation relationship angst and religious experimentation. I found none of the characters particularly appealing, which always makes it difficult for me to remain invested in a book even when its ideas are compelling. The resolution felt abrupt after the extensive detail given to Mitchell's Indian sojourn. In fact, although the book began with Madeleine and hinges on her romantic decision-making, it seemed most sympathetic to Mitchell, to the extent that returning to either of the other primary characters, while necessary, was somewhat jarring. There were, however, many lines which made me nod my head and smile wryly, such as: "Since Derrida claimed that language, by its very nature, undermined any meaning it attempted to promote, Madeleine wondered how Derrida expected her to get his meaning." Perhaps the vagueness of the ending is meant to signify the invalidity of the "Marriage Plot" construct--there is no tidy, happy ending, only a hesitant optimism. I find myself wanting to read Derrida, and Cixous, and think about language and philosophy, and that in itself makes this book a worthwhile read.